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Introducing: The Creative's Well!

The Creative’s Well is an experiential event serving as a time of refreshing and refilling. Wells are sources of water which is essential for life. The Creative’s Well is essential for the creative’s life. 


Christian millennial and generation Z creatives and entrepreneurs are tired, lost, and unsure of the plans God has predestined for them. These creatives and entrepreneurs are weary of the road ahead, shaky in their pursuits, and overall ready to give up. Even those creatives who are thriving still need inspiration. They need a refreshing. They need to be reinvigorated. They need an outpour. They need the good word. They need a well. 


At The Creative’s Well an attendee can expect to come relax, unwind, enjoy, learn, laugh and ultimately be refilled and refreshed to go back out into the world to pursue the purpose and plans God has ordained with other local area creatives. The agenda will include inspirational sessions to revive the dormant purpose within the creatives, time to network, a place to pitch ideas for the prize of startup capital, space to meet fellow like minded creatives, and a time of worship. The Creative’s Well is no church service but does anticipate an outpouring of God’s spirit in practical and supernatural ways. The Creative’s Well is here to serve you. Come, have a drink. 

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